Online games are getting very demanding. Since the pandemic hit, the market of online games is flooded with new virtual games.

Now, we have an absurd amount of games to choose from that it becomes very difficult to fixate on one online game to play with. Some games also make you worry about how to beat wagering requirements. Today, we have hand-picked some of the best online games that still rule the market in 2021.

Best Online Games in 2021

Release the Kraken

We all know the mythical sea creature, the Kraken. Well, this game is based on that. It is a beautifully crafted online game for Kraken fans.

The background and environment of the game is very astonishing. You have a dynamic undersea background with a sunken ship. Judging by the damage you can easily tell it is Kraken’s doing, but Kraken is shown as an animated child-friendly cartoon creature when it appears.

That is all about the visuals. The game itself is very enjoyable to play. It has many treasures. If you are not sure whether to try it out or not, then you can play the demo version of Release the Kraken to see if it is worth it or not.

Eye of the Kraken

If you want to see the dark version of the Kraken, then try out this game instead of Release the Kraken. It offers equally satisfying gameplay as the previous one. But only this time, the friendly Kraken is missing.

You will surely love this Eye of the Kraken game if you are a fan of sea mythologies.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is still ruling the online slot market or its rewards. Besides all the great rewards you have the chance of winning a jackpot.

But rewards and jackpots are not the only things great about it. This game has an African theme with a very engaging slot playthrough. There are also fun free spin rounds.

Be sure to give it a try. You will easily understand why this game is still on top after a decade.

Book of Oz Lock ‘N Spin

Book of Oz Lock ‘N Spin is another great slot game. You may have not heard of it much, but this is one of the most unique slot games.

You can lock 4 reels and let one reel spin to win bonuses. The reel locking requires money though. This feature is what made this slot game stand out the most.

Besides that, you have a unique Oz world theme with gold, glass, and jewel platings on the reel.

What is better is that this game has a demo version. Be sure to try it out and experience the uniqueness of Book of Oz Lock ‘N Spin first hand.

Caribbean Draw

Caribbean Draw is famous for its competitiveness. Unlike other online games, Caribbean Draw comes with a ranked payout system. It is an ideal place to make use of your gaming skills.

With the increase of your betting ranks, the game will increase your payout. So give it a try and see how skilled you are with gaming.


Because of high competition in the market, new games become leaders and sometimes old games make a comeback with a superior experience. What you must do is make your own judgment and then match it with the reviews to be decisive.

What we meant to say is you are not bound to follow our list. Any game you like the most will be the best for you.