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Welcome to the County of Cheshire in the UK

When you need to know what is happening in Cheshire County, ‘Cheshire Today’ is the lifestyle magazine that has all the information you need. The county has more than a million residents and many more tourists coming through every year and all this comes together to define the culture and people you find in Cheshire, ensuring you’re never short of things to do here. Cheshire is one of the country’s brightest and most colourful counties, offering everything from theatre and art to trendy eateries and community events.

Whether you’re interest is in politics and sports or lifestyle and culture, there’s plenty to find in ‘Cheshire Today’ which has always aimed to showcase the best and the latest in Cheshire. If you are a resident of Cheshire, we’ll also be happy to hear from you whether you want to become a contributor or send just one story so be sure to go through the guest posting guidelines and our contact information.

Cheshire has plenty to offer if you’re interested in seeing the sights around. The county has a long history that goes back hundreds of years. Now you can enjoy and be a part of that history by visiting some of the landmarks you’ll find in and around the county

Not all the fun in Cheshire takes place indoors. There’s much to be enjoyed in the outdoors as well. The county has plenty of outdoor spaces that are ideal for various activities. Whether it’s a long walk or a family picnic, there’s a place where you can go. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and nightclubs along the beach as well.

For those with an interest in culture, there’s lots to enjoy in this county. Cheshire has been the setting of several popular movies and many famous personalities call this place home.

There are plenty of rallies and festivals that are held in the county every year including art festivals. We will ensure you don’t miss an upcoming festival.

The nightlife in the county is also something to behold. There are many hotspots and these are reviewed in ‘Cheshire Today’ so you can always show up at the hottest locations in town when you’re around. There are also several live music venues.

With hundreds of restaurants within the county, you always have more than a few places to choose from. We can help you to pick the right place. We regularly review various dining spots around the county so you always know where you can enjoy the best foods that Cheshire has to offer.

Cheshire Today’ will also ensure that you’re kept abreast of all that matters in sport. The county has a deep interest in sports and has a number of professional teams. Soccer is the main attraction here but other sports such as Rugby also have plenty of fans.

If you’re looking for the best way to experience this county, ‘Cheshire Today’ will serve as a great guide so you always end up where you need to be to enjoy the best the county has to offer.