During the lockdowns that occurred as a result of the coronavirus pandemic the cost of garden furniture skyrocketed. In fact research carried out into the significant price rises found that on average the price of garden furniture rose by 155%. Restricted from travelling too far from home, and concerns about mingling meant that people preferred to use their gardens. For those people who hadn’t really invested much money in their gardens, planting, in particular fruit and vegetables, became as great way to pass the time, and sitting outside became more important.

This led to an increase in the number of people looking to purchase quality garden furniture and coupled with the supply shortages that occurred at the same time because companies reduced the number of employees working at the same time in order to help reduce the spread of Covid meant that prices rose.

It is unlikely that these inflated prices will remain, however they could certainly be here for a while longer as the pandemic appears to be far from over.

Lets take a look at the factors that will play a part in how much it could cost you to replace your garden furniture.

Style of garden furniture

There are an incredible variety of styles of garden furniture available on the market with something to suit every budget. One of the most important factors that will play a part in how much your garden furniture will cost is the size of furniture you are looking at. A small round garden table with chairs is likely to cost you a lot less than a large rectangular table with benches and chairs.

Think about the space that you will be putting your garden furniture in so that you don’t buy anything that will take up too much space. You should be able to move freely around your furniture to get to other parts of your garden. It can be tempting to buy a bigger table that you actually need but you will probably find that you are paying more than you really need to if you do this. Remember a good offer on a larger set of furniture is only a good deal if it works for the space that you have.

Type of garden furniture

The type of materials that your garden furniture is made of will also affect the price you pay. Plastic garden furniture is the cheapest option and can be picked up in most store that stock outdoor goods. However, this is also the type of furniture that is likely to last you the least amount of time. Repeated exposure to the sun can make the furniture brittle and more likely to break, windy weather can also lift this lighter furniture and damage it as well.

Wooden or metal furniture is a heavier option that is less likely to move in heavy wind. However, it is still prone to damage as a result of the elements. Rain and snow can cause damage to both types of furniture, and you will need to carry out regular maintenance in order to keep it looking good and ensure that it lasts for longer. This type of furniture may also benefit from covers which can of course add to the price.

There are some types of garden furniture that are available that are weatherproof and also require no maintenance other than a quick wash to remove any dirt and build up. Whilst this type of furniture may be a little more expensive than other things available it could save you money in the long run and represents a fantastic investment. How much it costs you to replace your garden furniture really does depend on your budget and how much effort you are prepared to put into maintaining that furniture.

Of course you may find it most cost effective just to restore the garden furniture you already have. And the effectiveness of this depends on the construction materials.