Most people will have heard of Malta, but not many will have heard of Gozo, its smaller and much more rural sister island. This lesser known, greener island is perfect for walking and cycling while those who enjoy swimming, diving, yachting, windsurfing and motor sports will find facilities within an arm’s reach.

Occupying less than 100 square kilometres of the Med, Gozo is fast becoming a favourite with property buyers looking for an idyllic island retreat.

As a result the property rental market on Gozo is strong, as the island is a magnet for both the Maltese and overseas visitors alike. Tourism in both Malta and Gozo has also seen strong growth in the last four to five years from across Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and even the US, driven by a new network of low cost air flights.

Those looking for a beach front property might be interested to know that off-plan developments exist, such as one at the popular seaside resort of Marshalforn. With most properties enjoying sea views, 107,000 euros for a two bed apartment represents excellent value – although you will have to pay the finishing costs.

A number of very select apartment developments are also taking place on Gozo. Stunning views are the major feature of a unique development at the historic Fort Chambray, which overlooks the main harbour that links Gozo with Malta. The Fort provides an amazing backdrop and is over 300 years old. Prices here start from 315,000 euros for a two bed ground floor maisonette with pool.

Those looking for greener surroundings might prefer Hal Saghtrija, which is set in more than three acres of land, mostly consisting of landscaped gardens and cultivated fields. Apartment owners can enjoy the fresh produce from the fields which are also part of the property. Prices for these properties start from 276,000 euros for a three bed apartment.

For a picturesque sea view, Tal General in San Lawrenz has apartments that all face south and have beautiful views in one of the best shore locations on Gozo. Prices start from 220,000 euros for a three bedroom apartment, but again finishing touches will not be included.

For those looking for something out of the ordinary, there are currently a number of converted farmhouses and houses of character with pools for around 350 – 400,000 Euros. These represent excellent value for those looking for traditional character in a modern setting.

Ray Woods from says that Gozo remains an undiscovered haven for many potential investors and those looking for a retirement or holiday home. “The proximity of Malta and Gozo to Italy and the North African Coast and mainland Europe makes them an ideal base. Sicily and Mount Etna are only 90 minutes away by high speed ferry. Cruise liners are a familiar sight in Valetta, Malta’s capital – as are the super yachts of the rich and famous.”

The exponential growth in flights has helped to increase demand for good quality property for rental purposes and those looking for a top drawer flop pad with marina access. For more details of property availability, go to