Does the thought of slipping into your bikini or swim shorts fill you with dread? If those few pounds that just won’t budge are making you feel less than confident about your summer holiday, then why not kill two birds with one stone and combine a fitness programme with a holiday?

The main challenges with losing weight are self-discipline, motivation and time. You need to get the right mindset, understand your eating habits and find the right balance between cardio and resistance training. The key to successful weight loss is to find a destination that will assist you with your weight loss goals to keep you focused and motivated, according to online travel agents Health and Fitness Travel.

Getting in the right mind-set is crucial for losing weight says Steve Halsall, a celebrity personal trainer and spokesperson for Health and Fitness Travel, and this is where a holiday location can help. Without doubt the best and only way to lose weight and look fantastic is to get into a positive mindset. Creating goals is obvious and important; however it is not where you are in three weeks but where you are in three years that counts,” he says.

So if you’re battling the bulge and want to try a weight-loss and fitness holiday, here are the top five destinations as recommended by Health and Fitness Travel.

1. Malaysia : The Chateau Body Sculpt Slimming

The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort is the world’s first organic wellness resort nestled serenely in the 150 year old tropical rainforest. Their specialised slimming plan is dedicated to improving your body contour, while toning muscles, building strength and endurance and cleansing out toxins, making you feel energized and revived. You can reach your ideal body weight and learn to control what you eat.

Health and Fitness Travel offers seven nights at The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort from £3,910pp including the body sculpt slimming programme, return flights and transfers.

2.  Portugal:  Longevity Essential Weight Management

Located in the stunning Monchique Mountains, this luxurious wellness resort is set in a protected natural reserve with breath-taking views over the Algarve coastline. Longevity’s Essential Weight Management programme is designed to guide you towards achieving and maintaining your ideal weight by identifying areas of physical imbalance and associated emotional or mental patterns. Longevity will give you the tools and help to aid the removal of excess fat, helping you to relax, rebalance, revitalize and rejuvenate.

Health and Fitness Travel offers seven nights at Longevity Wellness Resort from £1,995pp including the essential weight management programme, return flights and transfers.

3.  Thailand:  Absolute Sanctuary Weight Management

Located on a hill in the beautiful island of Koh Samui, this health and fitness retreat makes every guest feel rejuvenated. The concept behind this programme is that effective weight management stems from a constant sense of awareness and self-control. With a combination of personalised fitness sessions, group fitness and yoga classes, cleansing therapies, nutritional supplements, crafted balanced meals, hands on cooking lessons and slimming treatments, you will be assisted in reaching your ideal weight.

Health and Fitness Travel offers seven nights at Absolute Sanctuary from £2,220pp including the weight management programme, return flights and transfers

4. St Lucia: The Body Holiday Weight Loss

With an extensive range of activities, treatments and fitness classes makes this the ideal place to achieve your weight loss goals. The options are almost limitless, from personal training to BodyStat analysis, nutritional consultations and hiking to body wraps. This tailored weight loss programme is designed to ensure you return home in the best shape possible. You will become fitter, stronger, and more physically able, as well as providing a renewed motivation.

Health and Fitness Travel offers 7 nights at TheBodyHoliday from £2,760pp including the weight loss programme, return flights and transfers

5.  India:  Ananda Weight Management

Secluded in the tranquil and splendour of the Himalayas, Ananda offers a new fitness challenge, by addressing weight loss issues through gradual exercise, and personalised health and diet plans. One will engage in such activities as Yoga, detox massages and meditation. With the right guidance for physical and emotional patterns you will be able to maintain your optimal size and reach your beach body goals.

Health and Fitness Travel offers 14 nights at Ananda from £5,320pp including the weight loss programme, return flights and transfers