Well this is something a bit different from the usual lip products on the market. Genie Lip Paint from Barry M is a green lipstick that turns pink on your lips as you apply it.

This clever little beauty works with your personal skin chemistry to transform into your very own custom lip shade. Thanks to the alkali in your pout it turns lips into your very own perfect shade of pink whether that be bold or subtle. So each person will have their own shade.

So what’s the verdict?

We LOVED it!  It turned this particular reviewer’s lips a lovely pink colour. It really is quite amazing that a seemingly green lipstick can do this.

Sometimes when I wear pink or red lipsticks I feel like its not me, that it’s a bit too fake and doll like almost but because the shade is working with your own chemistry it means the shade is bound to suit you and I felt like this shade really did!

It is a waterproof formula that contains aloe vera, and it promises to last for 8 hours which it actually did! No top ups were needed.

Barry M are a brand that are know for their great lip paints. Here they have done something a bit different and have not disappointed.

Barry M Summer Genie Lip Paint is available from Superdrug and Boots for £4.49.


By Danielle Regan