The climate is changing almost visibly and warnings about human’s excess consumption of the earth’s mineral wealth are becoming more urgent as we burn through millions of years’ worth of fossil fuels every year, with the deadline for finding alternative fuels sources forcing itself upon us by necessity. If you really need a new car, but want to be as sustainable and gentle to the earth as possible, there is one decision that you can make that will not only be kind to the environment, it will be kind to your wallet too.

The Cost of Manufacture

Every new car that is produced lays down a thick carbon footprint and impacts upon the world’s resource – perhaps in a relatively minor way for one vehicle, but when vehicle runs reach the hundreds and thousands of cars, the impact becomes considerable.

Metal must be mined, smelted and alloyed, before being transported to car factories where it is shaped, smoothed and polished – all of these processes are lengthy, costly in terms of resources, and can leave behind contaminated water and air in its wake.

Painting and finishing the car also uses resources: plastics and polymers have their own issues, while leather upholstery is problematic to vegans. At each stage of making the car look and smell beautifully new and clean, there are pollutants left behind.

Used Cars in Comparison

By comparison with this labour and resource intensive process that leaves you with a new car, ready to leave its own traces upon the world, a used car is much less impactful.

This is because all those resources that were originally mined, smelted, transported, shaped and painted, etc, are now in the right shapes and size – they need no more resource intensive work to be done. Even if the vehicle is in poor shape and needs to be restored, this will use up less resources than building a car from scratch.

The paint job on used cars tends to be good, so there is no need to have it spray painted, and certainly not as often or as intensively as the paint job that a new car receives while in the factory.

Your ‘new’ used car does not have to be an expensive new model either. There is a current vogue for the fuel conservative vehicles of the 90s, which had excellently low fuel consumption and low emissions, making them the best of an already good choice! So if you feel interested in buying yourself a new environment friendly ride then we recommend heading over to KAP Motors Brighton or Folkestone Branch. They have Nissan used cars for sale at competitive market prices. For details you can call at 01303 228200 or visit their website to know more in detail.