Life is a constant thrill. Especially if you’re a little bit uncoordinated or prone to self-made disaster. Luckily, those people tend to have a good sense of humour and can see the lighter side of their hilarious misfortunes.

One family get together is all it takes for some hilarious disasters to be shared. It’s like a domino effect. One story of one member of the family instantly leads into another and then another, till you’ve encountered every scenario and laughed until you cried. If you want to compare notes on such funny stories, take a look at some of these and see if they measure up to some of the legendary ones that you have in your family.

Ovens and microwaves are not the same thing

A young lady decided to heat up a sausage roll in the microwave, believing that it works the same way as an oven. She set the timer to 30 minutes and soon came in to find a lightning storm inside the microwave. Instinctually she decided to pour a bucket of water on the microwave. Thankfully this disaster-in-the -making decision was not seen through because her mom came in just in time. The microwave died a fiery death though.

When you get the facial you didn’t ask for

The next time you are cooking rice, don’t let curiosity get the better of you like it did with this young man. Cooking rice (probably for the first time), he decided to open the lid of a saucepan which had boiling water with rice in it to get a closer look. What ended up happening was his face being greeted by a thick cloud of steam – unfortunately turning him into a shade of beet-red that he had to painfully bear with for a while.

Squeaky clean was the intention

This set of siblings decided to surprise their mother by scrubbing the sitting room floor. After all, they were responsible for most of the grime and gunk on it. So while Mum was taking a nap, these boys got a bucket of soapy water, a brush and decided to empty the bucket on the floor. Needless to say, they were slipping around in soapy water trying to clean up the mess. One smart youngster decided toilet paper should do the trick and so out came a few rolls but it just created a claggy, white, gloopy mess. Imagine their Mum walking in just in time to catch one of the fleeing culprits as he slipped on the floor and landed on his bottom.

His very own ‘home alone’ story

The next time you intend to leave a teenager alone at home for a few days while you go on vacation, make sure you teach them to use the washing machine. Otherwise, you may have an incident like this on your hands. A certain young man was home alone when he decided to wash his clothes. Into the washing machine went the clothes, the machine turned on and he left the room. A few hours later he came back to find that his clothes were not even wet. So he started the machine again and headed off, only to come running back a while later to the smell of smoke. He had placed his clothes in the dryer instead of the washing machine and ended up burning more than just his clothes (and this is why we have contents insurance. For more on contents insurance visit State).

Treat a blocked drain with respect

The next-door neighbour unwittingly became the source of a few laughs, even though what happened was not in the least amusing for him. The kitchen drain was blocked, as it can stubbornly be sometimes. Rather than use a drain snake or drain rod, the neighbour decided to use a high pressure hose, which he was sure was a cleaner way of getting rid of the blockage. Needless to say the intense pressure led to the pipe exploding. The blockage was cleared, though the pipe did not make it and the kitchen now looked like a war zone from hell.

Saucy story

A teenager and her Mum were fighting (as most teenagers and their Mums tend to do). In the course of the argument, mom asks for the ketchup bottle from the fridge. Angry teenagers gets the bottle and slams it on the kitchen table to make a point. Unfortunately, the plastic bottle was banged hard enough for it to collapse on one side, spraying mom with a long strip of tomato ketchup from head to toe. While teenager’s anger instantly cooled off to devolve into a laughing fit, there was one very angry mother staring back at her.

Tall travails

Being tall can have its plus points and some very painful minus points as well. When a tall man went visiting a friend, he walked straight into a low hanging broken lamp. The impact of which made him walk backwards, trip on a few stones, fall over a stone figure and then promptly over the low wall. Here is a man who will now be ducking each time he goes into his friend’s house.