In an Aveda UK nationwide survey on 2,000 women aged between 20-50 years, 86% said they use beauty treatments to de-stress.

Marc Zollicoffer, director of Aveda Spa Education, said: “With stress playing such a prevalent part in everyone’s lives, our bodies have lost the balance between our sympathetic nervous system (fight of flight response) and parasympathetic nervous system (repair and restore response). As a society we are in a constant state of flight or fight and are not spending enough time resting and regenerating.”

Created in collaboration with world-renowned clinical aromaologist Pierre Franchomme and the Aveda Botanical Aroma Lab, it is formulated using the science of aromaology and the power of pure essential oils that help to relieve tension and endorse a positive mindset.

The proven tension-alleviating Stress-Fix aroma blends essences of certified organic calming French Lavender, blues-chasing Clary Sage and relaxing, mood-enhancing Lavindin for an aromatic experience. Aveda partnered with Plantes Aromatiques du Diois to source these herbs from small organic farms in France to ensure the highest quality essential oils that can be fully traced from soil to bottle.

The all over moisturiser is enriched with organically-derived plant oils and shea butter that luxuriously cocoon dry, dehydrated skin in soothing, softening and protecting 24-hour moisture.
• Certified Organic Shea Butter replenishes the skin’s protective moisture barrier
• Certified Organic Sunflower Oil contains a high level of essential fatty acids – key components of skin’s natural lipids to help skin retain its own moisture
• A unique blend of sustainably harvested Sea Algae deeply moisturises skin

Apply to the hand and forearm with long gliding strokes. Massage palm using circular motions, including heel of hand, centre of palm and base of each finger. Extend arm and position the hand palm down. Starting at outer wrist and moving toward the elbow, massage the outside of the forearm using gentle, kneading motions. Turn forearm over and position hand palm up. Starting at inner wrist and moving toward elbow, massage inside of the forearm using gentle, kneading motions. Repeat on other hand and arm.

After showering, massage into hands and hold them under your nose while taking a deep breath. Massage tense areas such as the neck, shoulders and forearms using the Ayurvedic technique of circular motions at the joints and back-and forth ones between them. Apply to abdomen with clockwise circular motions.

Stress-Fix Body Creme  £36 is available in Aveda salons, spas, stores and online at