Jeremy Kyle and ITV were under growing pressure today to scrap the notorious reality TV show which elevated Mick Philpott into a fourth-rate celebrity.

Philpott who was jailed for life today for the manslaughter of six of his children was said to revel in the notoriety created by his appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show.

He appeared on the controversial show in 2007 grinning with pride and billed: “Father to 15… wife and girlfriend pregnant again!”

Outraging the audience, he bragged: “What man wouldn’t want two women? I’ve never worn a condom. They spoil sex.”

Excepts from the show are now a YouTube sensations and have provoked a storm of abuse.

MattySP34Ks wrote: “I lived around the corner from this xxxx. He was renowned locally as a xxxx, it’s not just me who thought that. Heavy drinking benefit scrounging xxxx. Oh, and he didn’t like cyclists, he nearly killed me twice. Deserve everything you get.

The show has made a star out of Kyle, who reportedly earns more than £1m a year, and has given a national platform to thousands of guests who have been booked solely to discuss their misfortunes.

An ITV spokesman said: “Alongside the straight-talking host and production team are a team of guest support and aftercare professionals working on the show. The Jeremy Kyle Show prides itself on an excellent aftercare/guest support service and has helped many guests turn their lives around.”