It’s all nonsense say pair on twitter.

Les Mis stars Russell Crowe and Samantha Barks denied that he is in a relationship with his Les Mis co-star.

Rumours started circulating this week that the pair were far more than friends after they were pictured at the Oscars after-party.

The actor wrote on his Twitter: “@SamanthaBarks apparently we are an item according to Aussie magazines,” Crowe tweeted yesterday. “sorry about that Sammi.”

Samantha, who plays Eponine, replied “Rumours are hilarious and not true! #funnyoldworld :)”

The actor has also had to fend off reports that he is dating Natalie Imbruglia in the last few weeks. “I am not having an affair with nor am I dating Natalie Imbruglia,” he tweeted.

“She has been a friend for years. No flirting, no whispers, total BULLS–T.”