Meet the season’s best fragrances for women that smell incredibly expensive but won’t break your budget! When it comes to choosing a perfume, there is way more to consider than just its notes. Especially in the warmest season of the year, the fragrance should be stunning yet light, long-lasting but not too overpowering. Check our list of the best perfumes for women, and start your summer love affair with your new favourite fragrance.

TOP 5 Summer Fragrances for Women

Sweet or salty, fruity or spicy? The second the odour travels from our nostrils to the olfactory bulb in the brain, it affects our mood, stress and cognitive functions. So when choosing your next fragrance, search for the notes that will make you feel good and confident with every spritz. Whether you enjoy more subtle and delicate perfume notes to enhance your beauty or you are looking for a powerful scent to conquer the world, we have you covered.

Jil Sander Sun

Jil Sander Sun is simply a summer vacation in a bottle. The scent embodies long walks on the beach, sun rays dancing on your skin and a light breeze in your hair. This exotic scent full of zesty notes, rosewood and orange blossom combined with vanilla and woody accords will transfer you to the seaside with every spritz, even during the winter.


La Vie Est Belle

This scent launched in 2012 embodies all the sweet summer memories you are going to make this year. The composition of La Vie Est Belle will never go out of style as it is full of bright floral and fruity notes combined with rare iris, tonka beans, praline and patchouli with a hint of vanilla. They say it is a tribute to life’s beauty and we can only agree.

Prêt à Porter

Imagine a beautiful bouquet made of freesia, magnolia, rose and violet leaves. This bouquet is complemented by pink grapefruit, orange, moss and sandalwood notes with a hint of nutmeg and tamarind. Could there be a more sensual scent than Prêt à Porter eau de toilette for women?


Lalique de Lalique

Lalique fragrances have become an icon of femininity and self-confidence. The Lalique de Lalique fragrance suits every woman of any age thanks to its harmonious composition. The perfume opens with gentle notes of jasmine, rose and iris followed by blackberry and pear accords in the heart of the scent and warm sandalwood drydown.

Tiffany & Love

Experience modern romance with Tiffany’s fragrance. Tiffany & Love perfume by Tiffany & Co. will surprise you with its sophisticated composition that starts with sparkling grapefruit and neroli followed by sensual woody drydown. This scent was launched as a pair fragrance with an intoxicating version for men, so these scents can beautifully complement each other on your hot summer date.

Which of these scents will be the new member of your fragrance collection?