Cleaning influencers are one of the latest trends to emerge from Instagram. They are people who show nifty tricks on how to tidy and clean the home, so it looks perfect and photogenic. Like beauty gurus and travel influencers, they have a legion of loyal fans who will buy whatever product or service they’re trying to endorse. As much as we’d love to be like our favourite cleaning influencers, their decadent lifestyles are usually too expensive for the average person to afford. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t make it our own. Here are some thrifty ways to emulate the lifestyle of a cleaning influencer without having to spend a fortune.

1.) Unbranded Products

Cleaning influencers earn their living from sponsors who want them to advertise their products to their millions of followers on Instagram. But these products aren’t necessarily better. They’re just branded and attached with a hefty price tag. Instead of going with what your influencer tells you to buy, we recommend doing your research first. Use price comparison websites like Which that can tell you what products are the best value for money. You can save yourself hundreds of pounds on a vacuum cleaner that is certified the best, as opposed to what cleaning investors are being paid to endorse. Also, when in the supermarket, buy unbranded cleaning products which do the same job for less money.

2.) Decluttering

Many cleaning influencers offer helpful solutions to decluttering the house, but their tactics are usually expensive and inaccessible. So, what are cheaper ways to declutter and store things in your household? For items that you no longer want, try giving them to charity shops or selling them online. For the items you still need, it might be worth looking into using some of the sort offered by the likes of Safestore Manchester. Box packaging is an affordable and easy solution to decluttering your things. There should of plenty of providers who could provide with you boxes either locally or via the web.

3.) Wardrobe Space

Not everyone has the massive wardrobes that cleaning influencers flaunt on their Instagram page. If you want to emulate the lifestyle of having a perfectly organised closet, then you don’t necessarily have to buy a newer, bigger one. Instead, think of smart solutions. Categorise your clothing into colours so it looks more aesthetically pleasing; invest in smaller units to place within the closet, such as a shoe stand or hanging shelves. Even little things like this make a big difference to how practical and attractive your wardrobe looks, meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a closet that looks like your favourite cleaning influencer’s.

4.) Learning the Science

Cleaning influencers will provide amazing tips for household chores, but it usually transpires that they’re plugging a sponsor’s product. Rather than buying into this marketing scheme, learn the science of cleaning for yourself. Could you use supplies from the kitchen to clean the stain on the floor just as effectively as the branded product? Oftentimes, yes is the answer to this question. If you learn to apply science to your cleaning, your house can look as spotless as an influencer’s but without splurging on expensive products.

5.) Being Realistic

Instagram is infamous for putting a rose-tinted filter on everything, but we still forget this from time to time. Don’t compare your lifestyle to what your favourite cleaning influencer puts up on their page. This isn’t an accurate portrayal of their actual home. By letting go of perfectionism and learning what reality looks like, you can emulate what it truly feels like to be a cleaning influencer.

By following this guide, you can affordably live the lifestyle of a cleaning influencer. Don’t be fooled by the filters and marketing campaigns – remember what reality looks like.