The Times Newseum: a touring exhibition of curated material from the newspaper’s extensive archives is coming to Manchester.

Opening on April 9th at the Artzu Gallery on Hardman Square, Read all about it! The secrets behind the news, is an exhibition of artefacts, documents and installations that show how the news has been delivered through the centuries.

As the UK’s paper of record, The Times has had a ringside seat throughout history, chronicling for its readers events from Britain and around the world.

Read all about it! The secrets behind the news is a distinctive and differentiated showcase of content which celebrates journalism from the coverage of Manchester’s Peterloo Massacre in 1819 right up to the digital

age. An installation of 80 smartphones offers unique access to the newswires and Twitter accounts used by Times editorial staff so that visitors can see headlines live as they appear.

Stories told include the paper’s role at the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb, through to the code used to protect The Times’ exclusive access to the first ascent of Everest. Also on display is the original camera used to take the first to take aerial photographs of the summit.

The exhibition is running until April 22nd.