DIY SEO might seem like the best financial option for your business, but you most likely stumbled across this article because you want MORE.

More time, more traffic, more clicks, more sales.

It’s simple. An SEO expert is your solution!

Not convinced yet? Here are 6 reasons why a backlink specialist will boost your business! (Trust me, it’s foolproof.)


#1. Save Money

“But I’m saving cash by doing it myself,” said every savvy business owner before realising that link building is not as easy as they thought.

Professional SEO agencies use proven strategies to drive sales.

This means that one of the biggest perks of hiring an SEO company is that any expenses are offset by the valuable revenue it drives. And when I say revenue, I mean A LOT.

Research from a company called BrightEdge claims that search engines generate 40% of all online revenue!

You can take full advantage of this by using a backlink professional to jack up those profits.

#2. Save Time

Search engine optimization doesn’t result in overnight success (If only!), but it’s a time-intensive strategy that requires hours of thorough research and constant upkeep.

As a business owner or manager, do you really have the time to implement effective SEO practices?

When you outsource your SEO efforts to an agency, it frees you up to focus on other important aspects of your business while they manage your marketing strategies just about 24/7.

I highly recommend SEO For Hire to find a team of qualified SEO wizards to take the weight off your shoulders.

#3. Boost Your Brand Awareness

To put it bluntly, link building can be a real pain-in-the…you-know. Nonetheless, the data-driven fact is that it has the biggest impact on search engine results.

And what does a high ranking webpage mean? Increased brand awareness!

You want your target audience to SEE your brand. This is why using link building as part of your SEO strategy is a non-negotiable.

Ok, but how do I get those precious links? The answer to this question calls for a whole article on its own!

Unless you have extensive experience or plenty of time on your hands – best leave it up to the experts, like Link City SEO to drive that website traffic.

#4. Rank Higher In Search Engines

Is your goal to be at the top of the number one page in search engines?

It’s 100% possible with a solid digital marketing strategy.

An SEO expert has worked with multitudes of other brands very similar to yours in the same niche and they have helped them to reach that very goal.

SEO is complex and constantly evolving. Last month’s successful SEO strategies might not be as effective today.

A key factor of SEO is just staying on top of trends and ever-changing algorithms to ensure that your site stays in the search results. As a business owner, this isn’t easy to do – or realistic.


#5. Dominate Your Niche

This one goes hand in hand with ranking high up in the search engines.

Do you trust sites on page #3, or #4 of Google? (To be fair, most people don’t have the patience to go this deep into the search results.)

But to further prove my point, people trust websites with more authority. Why? Simply because search engines optimise the user experience with the most relevant websites and links.

Dominating your niche will guarantee you business growth.

A good SEO expert will ensure your site hits the ball out of the park and is fully optimised for search engines.

This includes evaluating and improving things like the quality of your content, keyword research, the ease of navigating around your website, and of course your backlinks and internal links.

These are just a few of the many vital factors that go into SEO practices.

#6. Get Results Using A Qualified SEO Specialist

Did you know that SEO techniques done wrong can actually do more harm than good?

You heard me – you can harm your search engine result by using loopholes to cheat the algorithms of search engines to get faster results. Being penalised by Google doesn’t sound too good, does it?

As I mentioned before, SEO strategies are complicated with a lot of factors to weigh up.

Having extensive knowledge of the proper techniques will lead to fantastic results in the long run.

A reputable SEO or link building agency will know exactly what to do (and not to do) to optimise your site in the best way possible.

The goal is consistent, long term growth for your business and RESULTS.

So, what are you waiting for?