Last Saturday a group of soap fans became the first to go where no member of the public has been before, as the tour of Coronation Street’s old set got underway.

The first 30 customers began their tour of the Quay Street studios in Manchester at 10am.

The tour took them through Sound Stage One which houses the Green Room, the stars dressing rooms and selected interior sets.

One of the first visitors, Gemma Hall, said: “This has been an amazing experience. I have just walked the same path of some of the most famous Coronation Street characters starting in the Green Room, going into wardrobe, into the sets and then onto the street itself. Just incredible!

Another, Sheena Murray, said: “It was like walking through a time warp as we saw footage from the very first episodes, Hilda Ogden’s curlers and Ena Sharples’ hair net. The sets were amazing, it felt like I had actually stepped into the Rovers Return and I even got to go behind the bar!

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