Some people may say artists are a law unto themselves, but you don’t often go to a solicitors’ office and see inspiring artwork on display.
But in what is thought to be a unique partnership between Halton Borough Council and Forster Dean Solicitors, this is exactly what you can now do.

The local firm’s Runcorn office, in Devonshire Square, has joined forces with Halton’s Arts Development Officer, Louise Hesketh, to exhibit pieces by locally based Members Markmakers Art Collective

Work by Jane Chinea, Cathy Rounthwaite, Maria Tarn and Claire Weetman can now be seen in the office by staff and clients alike.

Office Manager Brian Heys said: “As we we have a lot of members of the public passing through and I thought it would be great to use our wall space to showcase some local artistic talent.

“I contacted The council and everyone was really supportive. Our clients aren’t expecting to see works of art when they visit a solicitor and so far reaction has been positive.”