With many businesses using online platforms to attract new customers, a lot of business owners forget that physical premises are still important, especially for small businesses. And everything affects your business’s bottom line. Even when you use online platforms to market your business, you should still want customers to form a good opinion before they walk in the door and after they do. Improve your business’s appearance to attract new customers using the following tips.

Work on the External Facade

No one wants to walk into a run-down building with dusty walls that have paint peeling off them. Work on your business’s exterior facade by repairing the gutters, sagging awnings and delaminated trim. For older buildings, hire a contractor to clean the walls and apply a new coat of paint. At the very least, consider power washing services for your exterior walls and walkways and get the gutters cleared of any debris that could cause a water overflow..

Landscaping Improvements

Your landscaping and overall front business facade are the first things people will see when they visit your business premises. You want them to be attractive because customers will judge how your business presents itself and compare it with the level of services it provides. 

There are two main ways to go about it: the cheaper, less involved route, and going all-in on improvements. You can start with simple improvements like getting your hedges trimmed and grass cut. You can also get a landscaper to cut the trees outside your business so that they look neat and attractive.

If you decide to go the other route, you could go as far as you can as long as you get the necessary approval from the relevant authorities. Improvements can include leveling the walkway to your front door and grading it so that it is more suitable to walk on and leads customers to the door. For such involved work, you might need to consider mini digger hire services to give your contractor or employee the right equipment to complete the work.

Change Your Signage

Your signage is how your customers find your business. Well-maintained signage implies you care how your business appears to people who are looking for it for the first time. Some issues to rectify here include repainting the sign if it has chipped paint and replacing missing letters and burned-out bulbs. Also, consider digital signage to make your business appear more modern and for your signage to capture more people’s attention.

Inside Impressions

You want people to form a great first impression when they walk through your office doors. Greet them with a nicely organized front office with modern furniture for them to sit on if they arrive early. 

Next, ensure the carpets are clean and the floors polished if you have wooden floors. For wooden floors, do consider floor sander hire services to get a floor sander that will remove irregularities and old paint before polishing the floors for a better finish.

If your interior walls are looking dull, do consider giving them a coat of paint and include the right decor to give your offices some character and color.

Creating a great first impression in potential customers’ minds could dictate whether they do business with you or not. Take care of your business’s interior and exterior appearance to let new customers know you care about how you are perceived.