House owners need to choose their ideal flooring options while renovating their homes.  If they prefer to save the labor cost in installing the floors, they may opt for hardwood flooring. They can manage this entire project if they follow certain guidelines of fitting the hardwood boards on floor surfaces. Solid hardwood is available in the form of strips or planks, which are found in various thicknesses.  

Choice of suitable wood – There are different types of solid hardwoods available in the market that can be used for flooring. Red oak, white oak, birch, pine, cherry, beech, and Douglas fir are the varieties of wood that are commonly preferred for this purpose. All these species of wood differ in colours, textures, and grain patterns. Many people also prefer engineered hardwood for flooring, due to the higher durability and wider choices. Nature and dimensions of the space should be considered for choosing the type of hardwood flooring.     

Adjustment of the flooring – When the chosen wooden flooring material is delivered at home, it should be left at the site of installation for a few days. Wood may shrink or expand at different temperatures. So it should be allowed some time to adopt in the weather of the desired place. However, this space should be totally dry and there should not be any heating or cooling device very close to the flooring material. If you don’t want to use real wood, an alternative is wood effect vinyl.


Get the subfloor ready – The subfloor should be thoroughly cleaned and flattened before installing the purchased hardwood there. A thin plywood board may be placed over uneven ground, to provide the required flat surface. This space should also be moisture-free so that the wood is not damaged. Moreover, all chemicals, oil, and adhesives should be carefully cleaned from that surface.

Read instructions for installation – Every seller of hardwood flooring in Crewe provides an instruction manual with the product. If the house owner intends to install it without any professional help, he should go through these given guidelines carefully. He should also keep ready all the necessary tools that are mentioned on this instruction list. He also needs to buy the best quality glue or nails or screws for fixing the flooring material. 

Correct installation of wood – The hardwood board should be placed in a perpendicular direction to the subfloor or any existing floorboard. Generally, the flooring material should be placed along the length of the room, to render a spacious look. A gap should be left between the installed hardwood and the wall, to allow an expansion of the wood. It is preferable to allow natural sunlight to fall over the installed wood through a window or door. 

Finally, the house owner should clean the surface of this newly installed hardwood flooring, leaving a shiny and elegant floor at his home.