Next week Cheshire Police will be highlighting the effects that excessive drinking can have on the community and those it impacts.
There will be a number of activities during the week including licensing checks, ensuring compliance of alcohol exclusion zones and working with local authorities and Trading Standards to ensure that premises get the support they need to ensure the people of Cheshire are safe when enjoying a night out.
Inspector Richard Spedding who is coordinating the Cheshire Police activity, said: “The message is one of reminding people of the dangers of excessive drinking.
“As well as the health issues involved, alcohol can affect the way you behave, leading to you making decisions which you would not normally make.
“These decisions can leave you vulnerable and an easy target for criminals as well as affecting your judgment, possibly putting you at risk of injury or harm.”
Excessive drinking also increases the likelihood of you committing a crime. Almost half of all violent crime is alcohol related and nearly half of offenders in domestic abuse cases are thought to be under the influence of alcohol.
‘Pre loading’ in particular puts you at risk, if you drink before going out you are four times more likely to drink over 20 units in a single night and two and a half times more likely to be involved in violence either as an offender or as a victim.
There are other risks which people may not think about when they are out having a drink. It’s fair to say that most people would not get in a car to drive when they have been drinking, but you can still be over the limit the next day when you drive to work.
Spedding added “This week isn’t about cracking down and catching as many people as we can for alcohol related crime. It’s about encouraging the people of Cheshire to take care and be sensible whilst they are out enjoying themselves.”