Birmingham roads take a lot of abuse and maintenance cycles cannot always keep up with these, so when it comes to tyres, you might want to keep a closer eye on your vehicle than usual. Here are some great ways to keep your tyres in the best possible condition.

Keep an Eye on Them

Monitoring the condition of your tyres will alert you to the first signs of trouble. This can take the form of warping and bulges to the sidewall of the tyres, places where the rubber is missing, or even holes, which can be difficult to spot as they simply look like a small dark dot. Spotting these issues early on can help you sort them out without losing any time on the road or suffering a blowout while in traffic.

Avoid the Worst Roads

Wherever roads have not been maintained and have pot-holes and other surface damage, tyres are likely to wear down quicker. Protect your tyres by changing your route, if possible, or taking the shortest and safest possible route across the rough areas.

Drive Safely

Just as with the point above, the harder on your tyres you are, the quicker they will wear out. To protect both your licence and your tyres on roads: tempting and wide as they are, should be used circumspectly! Stick to the speed limit, try not to go off road, and slow down slowly rather than slamming on the brakes as this can put an incredible amount of pressure on your vehicle’s tyres.

Inflate Tyres Properly

While in the early days of driving, drivers could be a little more cavalier with their tyres, increasing or reducing the pressure as needed to increase friction or boost speediness, modern tyres are a little more complex, and are designed to operate at optimum conditions in all circumstances and terrains.

Replace Promptly

When your tyres have reached the recommended age for replacement, or have worn down to the point that they will no longer be legal to use on roads, replace them. Cost cutting measures pale into insignificance next to the thought of suffering an accident because your tyres failed at a crucial juncture.

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