Editing your business photos will let you touch them up and improve them so that they look more polished and professional. However photo editing can be difficult for beginners, and you may not be sure how to edit your photos or which features to use.

The good news is that there are several simple ways that you can edit and improve business photos using tools that are in practically any photo editor:

Crop the frame and improve the composition

The crop tool is an easy yet powerful way to alter the manner in which your business photos are framed – and in doing so, improve their composition.

It is best to use compositional techniques such as the rule of thirds as a guideline when cropping your videos. However such rules are not set in stone.

When cropping a business photo, be sure that the end result has the right aspect ratio based on how it will be displayed.

White balance the photo

If your business photos’ colour temperature is off they may appear to have a blue or orange hue. It could be because of the lighting when you snapped the photo or an issue with the automated white balance of your camera.

That can be corrected in most editors by white balancing the photo. It can be performed by manually adjusting the colour settings, or using the automated white or colour balance feature if one is present.

Level tilted photos and straighten them

Sometimes it is difficult to snap photos that are perfectly level, and no matter how hard you try a few of your business photos may be a little bit tilted. That can make them feel a bit off, however, and make them look less professional.

Fortunately, it is easy enough to level tilted photos by editing them using the rotate tool. In some photo editors, there may even be a specific ‘level’ or ‘straighten’ tool that you can use to make the adjustments that you need.

Use a specific filter to colour grade the photo

Generally, if you want to colour grade your photo you will need to adjust the colour parameters manually. However, the basic filters in most photo editors can provide you with an easy alternative.

If you apply simple filters you should be able to consistently colour grade your photos in a particular style. It is best to pick out a few options, and then use them across all your business photos so that they become part of your visual brand.

As you can see all of the options listed above are easy ways that you can edit your business photos, yet they can be extremely powerful at the same time. More importantly you can use any photo editing software for Mac or PC to apply them, and for example, could try Movavi Photo Editor for Mac if you need one to use.

Try to make it a point to edit your business photos frequently so that you can practice and get some experience under your belt. The more that you edit photos the more familiar you’ll become with photo editing as well as the software that you’re using. In time that will let you explore other more advanced ways of improving your business photos too.