Now that Summer is finally here and the beautiful weather is out in full force, what better way to enjoy it than to throw a picnic! It is no secret that nature is good for our health and happiness, so why not marry that with some tasty snacks and good company. If you are wondering how to make your picnic extra special here are some great tips to take your picnic from boring, to beautiful, in no time.

Prep, prep, prep!

Remove the stress from your day by prepping as much as you can the night before. Consider prepping foods that are easily transportable, you don’t want any mess in your bag, so pack well and for all eventualities! Remember basics like cutlery, wipes and even some fly spray – you never know! Think about seating arrangements, are you are you taking a blanket and deckchairs? If you are, pop them in the car the night before, then it’s one less thing for to worry about!

Get creative with your food

Ditch the crusty sandwiches and consider fresh produce like vibrant salads to feed your guests. For those with more savoury tastebuds, consider shopping in local delis for pies, cheeses and fresh meat. But, for those with a sweet tooth, pack items that are easy to transport like a chocolate hamper or cupcakes.

Pick the right spot

Park your picnic in a local idyllic location, with beautiful scenery, and some shady spots in case it gets too hot. If you are unsure on where to go, do some research beforehand, remember, this will help to take as much stress away from the day as you can.

Pack some games

Once the food has been devoured, consider some after picnic entertainment. Why not take some games with you? Especially if there are children in your group. For example, a pack of cards is a great, you can play a variety of games with very little space being taken up in your hamper. Or, for the more energetic parties, pack quick cricket or tennis and invite a little friendly competition to your day.

Most of all, have fun!