Do you need more space at home? It is easy to feel like our houses get smaller the more we live there, and you might be tempted to up sticks and move on. But wait! Whether you are continuing to work from home or you just want more room, we have collected some of the top ways you can create more space without moving house!

Clear the clutter

Over the past eighteen months, we have all been spending more time than ever at home. This may have resulted in you noticing the clutter and chaos in your own house. With some research showing that cluttered homes can even impact your health, if you need more space, now is the perfect time to clear out all the old clothes you don’t wear, and toys that aren’t played with. You can donate to charity, sell some items, or offer them to family and friends.

Uncover unused spaces

This one is a little bit of a life hack. Do you have a guest room that gets used twice a year at most? Replace the bed with a futon and put a small desk in. The space could now be used as either a guest room or an office, creating a dual-purpose room that makes you feel like you have just discovered some extra space you didn’t know you had! Look for rooms that go largely unused and you might discover unexpected room to grow.

Invest in smart furniture

Nowadays, even furniture is smart! You can invest in desks that fold up against the wall, or bookcases that can be slotted under your staircase. You can even get a bed that lifts up to uncover enough space for all your bedding and towels to go inside. This is a great way to clear away your items so that your home feels more spacious and looks much more pleasing to the eye. It will also help you to remember just where everything is!

Store your stuff

If you have large items, boxes of books, or sentimental personal belongings that you cannot bear to part with, then it might be time to look into putting your stuff into storage. This can be a fantastic way to create more space in your home without losing the things you love. You will know that your possessions are safe and fully accessible, and this can be especially handy for seasonal items or storing your children’s things when they leave home. Safestore have locations across London, perfect for meeting your storage needs.

Are you feeling inspired to create more space in your home? With these easy steps, you could be enjoying a clutter-free environment with space to live and pursue the things you really enjoy.