Cheshire County’s group Knock-Out Trophy match against Northumberland scheduled for the 22nd April was cancelled before the match could start.

The Cheshire Secretary received a telephone call at about 4pm on the day before the match from his opposite number at Northumberland to inform him that the South Northumberland ground was under water. As Derrick Hastings had travelled to Gosforth early and was only about 30 minutes from the ground he arranged to meet Alan Stephenson there to see how things stood.

On reaching the ground, it was obvious that no play would be possible. There was about an inch of water covering the ground – and that was at the shallow end. Despite the square and run-ups being more than adequately covered, water had seeped under the covers and the strip itself was wet as well.

After consultation with Pip August, the MCCA Competitions Secretary, and both umpires, it was decided to cancel the game as the ground would be totally unfit for play for several days.