Fashion is one of the fastest-moving industries in the world. Just as you thought something was in style, it’s suddenly replaced with another, cooler piece of attire. Things that were once considered chic are now out of fashion, and people who try to hold on to past trends often look out of place. But there are some ways to enjoy clothing lines that have long been forgotten or that you rarely have a chance to wear. By organising themed parties, you can ensure that old-fashioned threads make a comeback. Moreover, you could give yourself a chance to wear lavish outfits that you couldn’t otherwise.


Casino parties are all the rage right now, what with the industry blowing up online and greater numbers of people being aware of the games. The most popular card game offered is blackjack, and there are numerous options for players at internet gambling sites. These include virtual games of blackjack along with live dealer options that pit players face to face with real-time action.

In keeping with the popularity of blackjack, a casino-themed party could opt for a dress code using the vintage clothing label, Black Jack. While the style of these items may not necessarily fit with the lavishness of casinos as depicted in film, the comfortable style of the hoodies and shirts on offer would appeal to an online casino crowd.

1920s Cocktail Party

A cocktail party with a 1920s theme is a hugely popular concept and one that is reasonably easy to pull off. Not only does it give the opportunity for people to dress up in the unique and attractive style of the decade, but there are also some iconic dishes that you could serve at the event. These include things like devilled eggs, prawn cocktail, and oysters Rockefeller.

With regards to the attire that guests will need to wear, the parties of that day and age were renowned for being extravagant. It was known as the roaring 20s, a time when jazz music and dancing were in vogue. For women, loose flapper dresses that allowed ease of movement when dancing were key. They would most likely be adorned with lavish pearl necklaces and bracelets as well. For men, a simple tuxedo would be sufficient.

Silver Screen

A silver screen-themed night could provide a wealth of opportunities for guests to think of innovative and attractive costume ideas. Roll out the red carpet in your abode, and have fun taking paparazzi-style photoshoots of everyone who enters.

Guests could opt to imitate classic red carpet wardrobe choices, such as Anne Hathaway’s Armani Prive dress that she wore to the Academy Awards in 2009 or Cameron Diaz’s stunning Oscar de la Renta that she used to stun audiences of the 2010 Academy Awards. Alternatively, they could pretend to be film stars and select their own outrageously ostentatious apparel. You could even give prizes to those who are best dressed.

For people who didn’t live in the 1920s, are not located near a casino, or rarely find themselves walking a red carpet, it can be hard to find the right circumstances to wear these clothes. Try organising your own themed party so you can choose the style of dress.