For any business to grow, it needs new clients and customers. Gathering new leads and networking with potential companies or customers can take time. Time that some businesses don’t have. This is where a business introducer can come into action. This article will look at the role of the introducer and help you assess whether or not your company should be using one.

What is an Introducer?

Firstly, it’s worth answering the question: what is a business introducer? Simply put, an introducer is someone who introduces clients to businesses in exchange for a fee. Introducers work across a wide array of industries, including law, accounting, and real estate. Introducers are not employed by the business that uses their service so cannot complete contracts on their behalf. An introducer’s main role is to make introductions, and then let the business take care of the client.

Introducer Benefits

Both the introducer and the business benefit from this service. The introducer makes a commission and has furthered their networking reach. Businesses benefit as they’ve gained a new client, and an opportunity to generate more income and profit. Plus, using an introducer allows employees more time to focus on fulfilling the needs of their current clients. There is an opportunity for both the introducer and the business to establish new industry relationships, which they can benefit from in the future.

Suitable for You?

While introducers work across a variety of industries, they are not used by all businesses. Before making the decision to use an introducer, it’s important to assess the needs of your company. How are you currently generating new clients and leads? Is this method taking away time from you, and your team? It’s worth carefully evaluating your business model and budget before making any decisions.

Finding the Right Person

Once the decision to use an introducer has been made, it’s time to find the right person for the role. Even though an introducer is not a part of your company, you should follow the same hiring process you would for a new recruit. Be specific with your job advert. You’re looking for someone with access to clients that will be suitable for your business. Pick someone who shares the same values as you.

Are there alternatives?

Yes you do not need an introducer, you can also advertise for new prospects and clients, or you may find an expert B2B PR agency can boost your awareness within your dedicated business sectors to bring you increased direct contact. You tend to see greater success with this method, as there are additional benefits than just being introduced to potential business clients.

Setting Terms

It’s also important to set the terms of payment early. You shouldn’t offer to pay money just for the introduction, which might not lead to new business. Payment should be made when a deal with your new client has been completed. Make sure you’re both happy with the agreement.

A business introducer can help your business grow to the next level and provide plenty of profit opportunities. If you decide to use an introducer’s services, make sure you’re both benefiting from the agreement. Would you consider using an introducer for your business?