Halton Borough Council Trading Standards Officers have put out a warning after the manufacturer of the genuine products expressed concern that fake versions of the Oven Pride products have been sold in small independent stores.

As a precaution the firm is recalling all unopened Oven Pride and BBQ Pride products purchased from small independent stores over the past two months.

Any products bought from large national retailers, such as supermarket chains, are not affected. The recall only concerns products from smaller, local shops.

There are significant differences in packaging and labelling on official and unofficial products. Official products feature yellow warning labels on the top of the box and front of the bottle. There is also a black warning label on the side of the box. Unofficial products do not have these.

Anyone with unofficial product please call the manufacturer’s customer helpline on 0845 6052981 to arrange a replacement free of charge, or email them at complaints@mcbride.co.uk or claim online.