The English county of Cheshire is known for its affluence and style throughout the whole of the UK, leading to a large market for supplements and products designed to help and rejuvenate those taking them. Since the end of 2017, when it was legalised across the whole country, CBD oils and products made from them, have been at the forefront of the supplement market. Many users swearing by their ability to help and manage issues they have, effectively and naturally.

There are estimates that around 30-50,000 people throughout Cheshire county are regular customers for various CBD products. The most popular being Tinctures, Vape E Liquids, like these,  and capsules. Edibles like gummies and creams are also a major part of the growing market place. 

So How Big Is The Cheshire CBD Marketplace?


With tens of thousands of regular consumers, you would be correct in guessing the marketplace for CBD oils and products is indeed a very large one. It is estimated that the value annually of products sold is somewhere in the £1-1.5 million range throughout the county. 

Astonishingly it is predicted this will grow fivefold over the coming five years to reach an amazing £5 million-plus per annum by 2025.

It is not beyond possible to see it grow faster and higher than the above figures suggest. CBD products are getting a very positive review from those who use them, meaning word of mouth, the most effective form of promotion, is extremely high.

We asked national CBD Oil suppliers what they thought the future of the Cheshire market would be and they highlighted the fact that as more products become available and quality control increases, you will end up seeing a marketplace that will likely grow faster than the fivefold predicted. The fact you can buy online, at a market or in a store really makes it easy to get hold of for consumers. 

What Are People Using Products For In Cheshire?

There are a number of reasons people use CBD. are quick to advise that all those taking CBD oils or any supplements for that matter, should make sure they get their doctor in the loop to advise them in case of any issues with their condition or medication. Here are the top 3 reasons Cheshire people are using CBD products taken from research that have done with consumers from the county. 

  1. To deal with anxiety or stress. Help to relax and sleep is tied in with this often
  2. To help with pain through arthritis is a similar condition
  3. To aid muscle recovery

Of course, there are many other reasons ranging from skincare to digestion that people are keen on using these products as supplements, though these tended to be the most common conditions that came up from the questioning for this article. 

What Does The Future Look Like?

We will see more regulations over time, according to Guidelines will strengthen to protect consumers from rogue traders and products that are not what they are advertised as this can only be a good thing for the customer they added. 

As more and more people get on board the “CBD train”, more jobs will be created both in the industry directly and also in supply chains that are attached like marketing and labelling etc. One is for sure the future looks incredibly positive for Cheshire when it comes to CBD oil and products relating to it.