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Teenage hair and beauty horrors

Coating your entire lips with concealer, overly-plucking your eyebrows and putting headbands across your forehead are just some of the catastrophic hair and makeup fails we all remember rocking in secondary school.

Online retailer Hairtrade.com have put together a list of teenage hair and beauty horrors, to remind us of what we used to think looked ‘good’, before contouring, smoky eyes and strong brows even existed.

The latest video trend sweeping through YouTube is the #HighSchoolMakeupChallenge which showed that even the best beauty bloggers in the business still used to get in wrong back in the day.

Things like heavy black eyeliner, baby pink lipstick and bright neon blush are just some of the makeup products that we (and even some of the beauty bloggers) wish we could forget we wore.

Joanne Dodds, from Hairtrade.com said: “Looking back through old pictures and social media posts, there are so many hair and beauty fails from our teenage years.

“The #HighSchoolMakeupChallenge posts have all been hilarious and have inspired us to create this list of the hair and makeup ‘trends’ that we thought were so cool ten years ago.

“Let’s hope none of these ever come back into style, for everyone’s sakes!”

Here are the worst hair and beauty horrors from our teenage years:

Concealer lips
Remember the days when a ‘nude lip’ was achieved by coating your entire lips with concealer the same colour as your skin? We do, and we only wish someone would have told us that a concealer in the shape of a lipstick DOES NOT mean it is one.

Bad clip in extensions
Getting your first pair of hair extensions is always a monumental moment. But let’s not forget how uneducated you seem to be when it comes to colour matching and taking care of them. Who can remember having extensions that didn’t blend into your normal hair and were really badly taken care of? We’re so happy we have now mastered the art.

Using concealer as a foundation
Before the days of foundation brushes, contouring and blending, the art of makeup was achieved by rubbing a concealer into the skin and hoping for the best. Eventually upgrading to a foundation, then having one that was always two shades darker and a little too orange. We’re very glad we’ve now mastered the art of blending, and we thank the heavens for the creation of beauty sponges and makeup brushes.

Overly-plucked eyebrows
Getting your hands on your mum’s tweezers may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but after a little too much plucking it always ended up a complete disaster. Then attempting to draw them on ended up being an even worse fate. Now we’re always extra careful whenever we handle those tweezers.

Kohl eyeliner in eyelids
We all remember rocking the ‘gothic’ eye makeup look, which usually consisted of covering your inner eyelids with a kohl eyeliner pencil, followed by using seven coats of mascara. This catastrophic makeup look still haunts us in our nightmares.

Side fringes
One trend that everyone used to rock. The side fringe was very common back in ’07, and generally consisted of parting your hair to one side and sweeping it across your forehead.

Pink makeup products
Nothing screams being a teenage girl more than a pink beauty product. Coating your cheeks with hot pink blush or using baby pink lipstick were both common back in the day.

To make that foundation seem even darker, an extra coating of bronzer all over the face always seemed like the best idea. This always ended up looking so ridiculous and often made the inside of our school shirts a nice shade of orange.

Headbands on forehead
A popular trend a few years back was wearing headbands just below the hairline and underneath your super trendy ‘side fringe’. This is one hair accessory that we hope never comes back in style.

Backcombed hair and quiffs
Who could forget the backcombed hair trend? This was a popular look back in the day that consisted of using a fine toothcomb to backcomb the top of your hair into a large quiff and the surrounding hair to give it ‘volume’. We thank the hair heavens that we’ve discovered the art of blow-drying and using voluminous hairspray to achieve big hair nowadays.

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